Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Etsy shop is going like gangbusters!

We have 10 sales already in our Etsy shop.  Woohoo!

Felt dress-up dolls are very popular, especially with Christmas coming.  I have several in process: one for Daphne, one for Madelyn, and one for Muriel.  Fun stuff! 

 Felt Dress-Up Doll for a Girl -- CUSTOM Quiet Toy

The felt Christmas dove ornaments are also doing well. Allison ordered 10 to give to coworkers, and Geof ordered 3! 

Set of 3 Custom Felt Doves -- SALE

It's fun to see how each one turns out different! I need to find out if my Mom wants more this year for her charity sale. 

I've taken pictures of all my ceramics, and now I need to get them posted on the site.  They're pretty primitive; they're not as sophisticated as the wheel-thrown pieces my friends make. Since I'm a hand-builder, I tend to do my pieces pinch or coil, and it shows.  But I like them, so maybe someone else will, too!

Keep on creating!

Love, Rebecca

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